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This will be a little longer review, so I'm sorry in advance. Also, please bear with me as I walk a little.

I used Wenk twice in 2011 and 2017 to make the most accurate and honest review possible, and in a wonderful time as my lawyer, Wenk said she was one of the best lawyers in the city.

When we need legal help, we don't know what the legal world works at all, and we got help from my mother who found Wenk. She went to the office and spoke to me, he was knowledgeable, answered my questions, and Wenk told me exactly what I should do to get the best results of my case. He was relieved to talk with him about most of my worries and concerns, and let me explain the matter. I was worried about going to court and missing out on dating classes, but to my surprise, he said he could go to court instead of me. A year later he was able to cancel this incident and erase my records.

A few years after the last legal battle, I complained and was driven into a bad situation where I could be imprisoned for serious crimes. I knew exactly who to call, so I called Wenk. While I was still in prison, I could call the judge to use magic and lower my tax deposit. The next day I went to his office and he told me what I needed to do and my choice. After I went to work and worked, Wenk was miraculously able to convince a C minor criminal to commit the second felony. Surprised, I was convinced that I must go out with this felony for life. You have to fight to get a house, a car, a job. My life was a hard battle, unless I was driven out of school and my felony was reduced. As in the previous example, Wenk had solved my misery, and had erased and destroyed the records.

Overall, I am satisfied with the professionalism Wenk provided to me and the lack of clutter. The other thing was that his price was really quite reasonable, and that good lawyers always thought that good lawyers would cost a lot of money, but that didn't apply to him. After all, I would recommend Mr. Wenk to anyone who needs help in legal matters or has any questions. 10/10

12/26/2020 05:51am