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Richard Ursha, Attorney at Law has gained a reputation for providing personal and caring representatives to a wide range of criminal prosecutions. From drug charges, DWIs and theft to probation, Texas detective San Marcos is facing every step of the road. They guide you through the criminal justice system and work to dismantle, diminish, and seek innocence in the trial. As a former law enforcement officer and a former special prosecutor, he has the insider knowledge you need. Contact us today for free.

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Why do you need a lawyer? Few people feel more alone than they can get behind a police car. For a moment, you can enjoy a comfortable life, and then you can be restrained and handcuffed. If they were arrested, they would be fully aware of the fear of being arrested. &Former Officer; Prosecutor Can Fight Charges I know what's going on after the arrest. Because I have experience as a former federal law enforcement officer and a former prosecutor. I have seen how devastating an arrest is for a man. As the Prime Minister of a San Marcos detective, it is my pleasure to keep your name after a serious complaint is made against you. Please keep me as your guide in this difficult time. If you're on your corner, you'll clear your record!

Richard Urusha has been passionate about practicing law since his childhood. He worked hard through law school and through his studies. He has been a federal law enforcement officer on the way to a law school at night. As the son of a GM factory worker and hair stylist, he is loyal to the humble client of the earth. He understands that those accused of crimes are people like us, people worthy of respect, and people worthy of consideration. Throughout his life he remains true to this personal and caring approach.

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I hired Richard Urusha, and last year I was in a terrible situation. This happened in my life, and Richard helped me protect me from unjust accusations, but also helped me to be positive throughout. It took me a lot of time to call and see the situation, but otherwise he was great! I recommend hiring him again and recommending him to those in need of a lawyer.

01/02/2021 12:11pm



Mr. Ursha felt more hesitant and reacted to my many questions than ever before.  I am grateful for his quick attitude so that he can answer my phone. We had very little chance of winning, and he told us all the details of the things we need to accomplish and the exact time we need to accomplish them.  We strongly recommend Urusha to those who need a criminal lawyer.

12/29/2020 02:26pm



I only speak to Richard Urusha, which is one of the best lawyers I've ever dealt with.  He was recommended by my friend and I am now using him in the traffic problems.  He actually calls you back and spends all the time it takes to give you as much protection as possible.  It is worth money.  If you are put in legal trouble in Hayes County, this man is your opponent.

12/24/2020 08:16pm