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It was established in 2010 to meet the needs of HAYES and other neighboring countries.

Established in 2010


Our law provides criminal lawyers services to all criminals and felons under the criminal law. Dell provides the highest quality legal representative, providing customers with 24 hours of mutual trust, integrity, and results with lawyers. We will respond selectively to our customers to maintain the highest quality legal representation. We just accept the case that we have time, that we can deal with properly, and that we believe.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, David met Janice, born in San Marcos, at a law school in Arkansas. After graduation, David and Janis got married in Driftwood, Texas in August 2008. Two years later, Janis persuaded David that her home is a good place to open a new law firm, and that the rest is history.

David, like the U.S. District Court in West Texas, is licensed in all courts in Texas. He is a member of the National Criminal Lawyers Association, the Texas Criminal Lawyers Association, and the DUI Bar Association. He is also a member of Texas State Bar University and is proud to be given less than 10% of Texas lawyers. This reflects his firm stance on continuing legal education.

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I'm sorry, lawyer. I hired this man and got 5,000 dollars on my behalf. I can't handle it. My case had been replanned, and for nearly two years a black cloud had hung over my head, and I knew he was the one who had dragged my case! ! He's a liar, because he's continued to blame everyone for his delay! !  After all, I had to hire another lawyer, and my case was rejected (thank you), but Mr. Hardeway had completely failed me as a lawyer, so I paid twice. Don't waste money on this man. Thief! !5,000 dollars for $1,000 returned to me! ! Teef! !

01/02/2021 01:15pm



My daughter was charged with a minor crime class but was innocent. I hired David on line with a great reputation and he followed them. They are very good at communication, setting expectations, affordable price, and thorough work. He could dismiss her case without her going to court. Good lawyer!

12/30/2020 12:41am